What to Expect

You will find a number of things that are different about our church

We let people come and go anonymously: Many people value their space and time above all else. They don’t want unannounced visits or telephone calls during dinner. At Bluff Creek Cowboy Church we give them all the space they want. We announce and make visitor cards available to fill out. We do not follow up with them until they give us permission to do so.

We do altar calls: Altar calls are given for anyone who needs prayers to seek salvation. You are not expected to come down front to get prayed for you can do that right in your seat – it’s between you and God. If you choose, someone will be available after the service to speak with you.

We do not pass the offering plate: Although we need money to operate just like any other church does, we do not believe that money should be the focal point of a church. If someone’s heart leads them to give we provide a place for them to do so. If their heart does not lead them to give, that’s alright too. We believe that God will provide.

Singing will be both congregational and special music: we are blessed to have an adult Praise Team and a Youth Praise team. If you would like to be a part of this team or so a special please l;et us know.

We let people come as they are to church: you need not dress up to come to church. We want you to be comfortable when you come to worship

We welcome children: We have a very active youth ministry, and the youth have their own service and youth band that leads them in worship. Children are our future and we are responsible for raising them up in the ways of the Lord.

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