Praise & Worship Team

Team Leader: Richard Smelker   325-754-5204


We are a Christ centered ministry. Everything we do, we do unto the Lord to bring Glory and Honor to Him – not to us.

We are dedicated to bringing music that will glorify God and help people enter into worship so that the Holy Spirit can minister to them.

Many of the songs we do may not be used in a traditional church but our purpose is to draw the unchurched to listen to the music, especially the Western Heritage folks (Working Cowboy). Many of them may have been turned away from traditional churches.

We also go out as a band to church and community functions to spread the Word and let our voice ring for the Lord.

The First Sunday of the month we minister at the Winters Nursing Home and on the third Sunday of the month, we minister at the assisted living center in Winters.

We have a variety of backgrounds in our group. If the Lord has called you to play an instrument or sing for His glory please let the team leader know.

We practice on Monday nights. We start practice at 6:30 pm, Meals are provided starting at 5:00 pm because many of the team members come straight from work to practice.

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