Audit Team

Team Leader: Richard Smelker 325-754-5204


We are a Christ centered ministry. Everything we do, we do unto the Lord to bring Glory and Honor to Him – not to us.

The audit team handles all of the finances of the church. We prepare a yearly budget, take care of day to day expanses and come to a consensus on all financial matters for all of the teams.

Each team has a yearly budget that they can use to get supplies necessary for their team and if the money is not used we can appropriate it for other needs as they come up. The audit team meets on the last Wednesday evening of the month after regular services and whenever else it is deemed necessary.

Each team can request funds from the audit team as needed during the month by turning in a requisition form for the funds. In an emergency the audit team can be contacted by telephone, text, or email to solve the problem.

If you are called to help with the finances of the church or have an aptitude for numbers please contact the team leader or a member of the team.

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